About us

Our mission

Affintus helps organizations hire the right people and helps people find the right jobs.

Our vision

Affintus sees a world where organizational success and employee satisfaction are both enhanced by applying selection science to match the right person to the right company and the right job.

Our core values
  • Customers first, job seekers always
  • Commitment to Diversity in all its forms
  • Continuous Evolution
  • Transparency & Trust

Our team

Deborah L. Kerr, Ph.D. Founder/President
Deborah is a founder of Affintus and helped design the Affintus Questionnaire. In the last 30 years, she has held executive and manager positions in private, nonprofit, and public organizations. Her performance measurement design methods have been called “best practice” by the Society for Human Resource Management and her work has been written about in several books and article.
Ryan Stewart Product Manager
Ryan brings his unique blend of Talent Acquisition, Product, and Start-up experience to Affintus to head up the design of Affintus’ next-generation products. He was previously employee #3 of an award-winning Big Data Consulting Company, launched a successful Staffing Agency, and was a founding Recruiting Manager for Indeed Hire.
Maurice McIver Chief Executive Officer
Maurice has overseen countless software projects since he concluded his military service in 2001. He first learned about Affintus as a customer and liked the company so much he jumped at the offer to join. He studied history and psychology at Loyola University.

Our philosophy

At Affintus, we believe…
Workplaces that are good for people are good for organizations.
When employees are treated as if they make a difference for the company, they make a difference for the company.
In a workplace where job match is accurate and interactions are positive and collaborative, profits and productivity are high.
Organizations want to hire employees who are passionate, productive, and smart.
And we believe in the science to get there.